We have a great selection of fresh mid to late summer blooming perennials on hand this week.   These are some of our favorites that you may not be familiar with, yet!

Joe Pye WeedJoe Pye Weed – Truly Queen of the Prairies , this a native plant that is a butterfly magnet and also deer resistant.  Most varieties are tall with dark stems, topped with clusters mauve rose flowers.  A new variety for us this year is  ‘Baby Joe’ that is perfect for smaller gardens with strong sturdy stems that won’t flop.   These plants take full sun and prefer moist soil and can be paired with native grasses like red switch grass (panicum), goldenrod, aster, hardy hibiscus  or black eyed susan’s.

False Aster – Kalimeris ‘Blue Star’  has truly stellar performance – flowers are pale blue aster shaped on neatly rounded 18” plants that start  blooming in June.  These plants tolerate heat and humidity and will be drought tolerant once established.  Another butterfly attractor and good cut flower as well, it prefers full to part sun in the garden.

Anise Hyssop – This is one of my favorites not only for the blooms but the fragrant foliage as well.  As the name indicates, it has a lovely anise/licorice scent that is so nice and refreshing to come upon in the garden.  Most grow to be about 2-3’ tall with blue, purple or red blooms that are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies too!

So try something new in your garden with one of our favorite long summer bloomers!