“Happiness is a chrysanthemum blooming in the heart.”

Japanese proverb

White chrysanthemums, red, yellow, pink assorted mums
Orange chrysanthemums, hardy mums
Red chrysanthemums, hardy mums

Mums the Word!

Although there are many spectacular fall flowering plants, chrysanthemums (mums) are by far the most popular. Mums produce a plethora of small daisy-like flowers and are available in many colors:

  • Yellow chrysanthemums
  • Orange chrysanthemums
  • Purple chrysanthemums
  • White chrysanthemums
  • Pink chrysanthemums
  • Red chrysanthemums

They bloom for several weeks from August through November and require little attention. They are the perfect plant for your fall entryway planters, as a border along a walkway or in window boxes and planters.

Chrysanthemum hanging baskets look beautiful when displayed from shepherd hooks.

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Are Mums Perennials?

Most Chrysanthemums are perennials and will come back year after year in your Long Island garden. There are two types of mums:

  • Garden mums are hardy perennials that can withstand our cold winter temperatures. 
  • Florist mums, which are typically purchased in food stores and florists, are not hardy and will not survive our winters.

To increase the chances of garden mums surviving the winter, you have to plant them early in the season to give them enough time to root well and follow the tips below.

Caring for Mums

Chrysanthemums prefer full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

To keep plants dense and compact, pinch back new growth 2 or 3 times before July when mum set bud for fall. Pinching is a form of pruning used to remove spent buds. Place your thumb and index finger below the bud and squeeze until the bud is removed.

Mums will bloom for 3-4 weeks depending on the weather.

Dividing Mums

Chrysanthemums should be dug up and divided every 2 or 3 years. This can be done in late March or April when new growth is 4-6 inches tall.

Dig up the mum clumps with a fork or shovel. Separate the shoots from the mother plant with a sharp knife. Each shoot should include 1-1 ½ inches of roots.

Plant the new plants following our planting instructions. Start pinching the plants back once they become established.

Overwintering Mums

  • After the flowers fade and the foliage dies back in mid-to-late December, cut your mums down to the ground.
  • Apply 3-4” of mulch to protect the roots.
  • In mid-March remove the mulch from the base of each plant to trigger new growth.
  • Fertilize every 4-6 weeks until the buds have formed with an all-purpose plant fertilizer.
Montauk-daisies, fall flowering plant
ornamental-cabbage-red-mums (1)

In addition to chrysanthemums, consider adding other complimentary fall favorites to your landscape. Asters, Montauk daisies, cabbage, sedum, ornamental grasses and fall anemone are all good choices for Long Island gardens. They each have very different shapes, structures, and colors, creating interest and depth in your garden design.

September is the best time to plant and update your landscape for fall. Remove spent annuals such as new guinea impatiens, petunias, marigolds, and geraniums to make room for all that fall has to offer.



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