We Believe in Taking the Guesswork out of Selecting Trees and Shrubs

“It’s like a walk in the park! I always come back for the selection and quality.”

Richard, New Hyde Park, NY

Hicks has been Long Island’s trusted nursery since 1853. We understand the Long Island climate and offer you the very best trees and shrubs that will thrive in your garden.

Whether you are looking for the newest variety of hydrangea, a hardy crape myrtle or screening plants such as arborvitae or skip laurel, our expert staff is here to guide you through the selection process whatever your need. We have first-hand knowledge of the proper planting practices. Our goal is to help you be successful so you can enjoy your investment for many years to come. In fact, we guarantee it!


Delivery, planting and design services available. 

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Pink Flowers
Japanese Maple Tree
Tall Privacy Tree lined Fence

Why We Are Different



  • Our expansive nursery is the largest on Long Island with fresh material arriving constantly.

  • Quality plants in a myriad of size options from small gallon-sized pots to large balled and burlapped fully grown, mature trees, sourced from the very best, trusted growers in the country. 

  • Vast selection includes every flowering and fruiting tree you can imagine, shade trees, shrubs for sun, shade and in-between, roses and other flowering plants, vines, screening plants, evergreens, focal point plants and more.

  • Our tree’s and shrubs are guaranteed. One year guarantee for all woody plants you plant in the ground from the date of purchase. Two year guarantee on those same plants if we plant them for you.

  • Paved walkways throughout the nursery yard.

  • Easy, fast and stress-free process for you to find and select exactly what you’re looking for. 

  • Display gardens that inspire and help you choose the right combination of plants that look amazing together and thrive in your garden in either sun or shade. 

Plant for the Environment


Besides looking beautiful, and providing food and shelter for wildlife, planting trees and shrubs around your home can have tremendous benefits on the environment! Here are some amazing things they do:

    Harmful CO2 contributes to climate change. Trees help fight it by absorbing CO2, removing it from the air and storing it while releasing oxygen.

    Trees are our main survival tools; one tree can produce enough oxygen for four people!

    Trees and plants also absorb pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia, sulfur dioxide as well as odors acting as a filter as little particulates get trapped in leaves.

    They literally clean the air we breathe.

    Strategically positioned shade trees around your home block direct sunlight and can significantly lower air conditioning needs.

    This means more money in your wallet and reduced carbon dioxide and emissions from power plants!

    Besides cooling, trees also help save water. They absorb water and release it into the atmosphere. The average tree breathes out 250-400 or more gallons of water in one day.

    In addition, because of the shade they provide, they reduce water needs for vegetation around them.

    Trees help weaken rainfall while roots hold the soil together.

    Decaying leaves on the ground turn into nutrients for tree growth and microorganism development contributing to soil health.

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