Hellebores are the wonders of the winter garden. Blooming from late November through January these winter flowering perennials are an amazing addition to any garden. With evergreen foliage and cheerful flowers, they are a sign that spring is not far behind. 

helleboresPlace hellebores anywhere you can view them in the winter months near walkways, entryways, patios or even outside of your favorite window. Many varieties of hellebores are available with upward facing flowers, making them easier to appreciate along your garden path. They are a great plant to let naturalize in a woodland garden and with patience in a few years there may be more than 50 blossoms per plant!

Tough and easy to grow, hellebores are hardy in Zones 4-9, and even colder climates with enough snow cover to protect the plants.

Christmas rose hellebores are pure white varieties that start blooming late November through January. Lenten rose hellebores bloom during the lent season in late winter through early spring and come in various shades of ivory, rose and pink.

With great varieties to choose from, hellebores flower in the shade with little fuss. Deer and disease resistant, this perennial is essential to creating the four-season garden of your dreams.

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