If you’re looking for healthy, well-grown plants for your garden, look no further than Hicks Nurseries. From bloom size to color and health, we choose the very best flowering annuals that will thrive all summer long. Whether you’re looking to plant a large garden, a few flower pots or a window box, we are here to help you be successful.

Here are a few of our favorite annuals for sunny and shady locations:

Bounce™ Impatiens
These impatiens are resistant to downy mildew and are a great annual for sunny to light shade locations. Try them in pots on your patio or as a border along your walkway.

Bounce Impatiens A Flowering Annual for Sun

Big® Begonias
Provide lush, beautiful blooms in hanging baskets, mixed containers and large landscape plantings. Great when grown in sun or shade.

Big Begonia Flowering Annual for Part Sun

Caliente® Geranium
Are a great plant for hot, sunny areas. The thick, glossy leaves and mounding habit make it one of the most well-adapted plants for the garden. Perfect for container gardening.

Flowering Annual Caliente Geranium

As the name suggests, this is an impatien that can grow in the sun. The thick petals and tough foliage are less prone to disease, and their sturdy stems tolerate high heat and humidity. Plant them everywhere!

Flowering Annual

Trixie™ Combo Planters
Beautiful, bold containers filled with 3 complimentary annual varieties grown together for harmony and instant color. Perfect option for the deck, patio or poolside.

Wave® Petunias
Are a fast-growing flowering annual with a  trailing/spreading habit that thrives in full sun with regular feedings of fertilizer. Waves look best cascading down planters and in window boxes.

is the perfect plant to brighten a shady spot in the garden. The heart-shaped foliage is available in shades of red, pink and white.

Blooms all summer long in a bright, sunny location in soft shades of purple, pink and white. A spectacular option for a cottage garden.

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