Peony are an old-fashioned beauty in the garden. You may recognize them from floral arrangements or even a bridal bouquet. Why not grow your own?

There are two types of peony – garden peony and tree peony. Although they are both perennials and the flowers are similar – there are differences to how they should be treated.

Garden peonies are the belles of the border, mixing well with shrubs and other flowering perennials.  They are very fragrant, with large flowers in shades of white, pink or red.  The foliage is attractive even after flowering and is very deer resistant. Plant in full sun for best flower and you will have enough to cut bouquets to bring indoors.  In the fall the foliage will die back to the ground and the leaves can be trimmed off at that time.

peony flowerTree peonies are unique in their flower form.  Massive semi-double blooms can be up to 8” across in shades of red, pink, purple and yellow.  As the plant matures the stems become woody forming a small tree 4-5 ft. tall.  Also easy to grow and very deer resistant, tree peonies can tolerate some shading and still give a stunning display.

Give the gift of a flowering perennial that comes back every year – Peony!