peony flowerGarden peonies are the center stage of every May garden they grace. With amazing fragrance and form, they are considered to be the longest living perennial.Peonies should be grown in full sun for best flowering.  With massive blooms like these it is best to use a peony ring to support the flowers while blooming.  Peonies have glossy deep green foliage and make an attractive plant in the perennial border even out of bloom. Roses and clematis make great companions to a garden bed planted with peony.

We have several beautiful varieties of garden peonies in-stock here at Hicks Nurseries. Stop in to view our complete selection – you will not be disappointed! Here are our favorites:

  • Sarah Bernhardt Peony
  • Kansas Peony
  • Karl Peony
  • Festiva Maxima Peony
  • Victoire de la Marne Peony
  • Mons Jules Elie Peony
  • Red Magic Peony
  • Jacorma Peony