Houseplants are a great gift idea for just about anyone you know. Here are a few of our easy-care favorites, available now at Hicks Nurseries:

Tillandsia Air Plant

Tillandsia, also known as “Air plants” are a great easy to care for gift item. Just mist with water two times per week. Air plants can be purchased individually or in really cool glass vessels.

bromeliad plants

Bromeliads are beautiful plants with exotic flowers that last up to 6 months. They require little water and filtered light.

Kalanchoe is a flowering houseplant that produces small clusters of flowers in shades of pink, red, white or yellow. Instead of a cut flower bouquet, consider bringing a flowering houseplant – they last longer!

Cyclamen are beautiful fragrant flowering plants available in white, red, pink and dark maroon. They bloom for about one month in the spring and then again during Fall/Winter. Cyclamen prefer cool temperatures.

Orchids are available in a myriad of colors from white to pink, shades of orange and blue. The flowers gracefully hang from thin branches and last 1-2 months.

There are many flowering plants, hanging baskets, gift plants and more for you to choose from at Hicks Nurseries. Give your friends, family and co-workers the gift that continues to give throughout the year – a houseplant!

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