It has been an interesting year full of beautiful plants, lush green lawns and landscape design projects that knocked our socks off! But, even the most experienced gardener knows that there is always something new to learn!

Our top 10 gardening blogs of 2017 will provide you with wealth of knowledge. They are filled with plant lists, tips and tricks to specifically help you enhance and maintain your Long Island landscape. Now is a great time to read and plan for the year ahead. This selection of all-star blogs will get your mind buzzing about the amazing things you can accomplish in 2018.

Hard to Kill Houseplants for Your Home. This blog is perfect for people who find keeping houseplants alive a challenge. We’ll review 8 of the easiest plants to keep alive and discuss water, sunlight and fertilizer needs. Click here to read this blog.

Hydrangea: An American Classic. Hydrangeas are a well-known summer flowering plant on Long Island. This blog, presented as both a video and in text, thoughtfully explains the different species of hydrangea as well as how to prune and care for them. Click here to read this blog.

How to Create a Pet Friendly Garden. It can be a challenge for gardeners to balance a healthy, safe and beautiful garden with the needs of their pets. Learn how to make your garden safe and enjoyable for both your dogs (and cats) and their human companions. Presented by Vincent Simeone, Director of the Planting Fields Arboretum. Click here to read this blog.

Grow Your Own Vegetables & Herbs. Growing vegetables is a fun and rewarding activity for the entire family. This blog explains how to grow your own food by providing tips about site selection, planting time, soil preparation, fertilizer and watering needs. Click here to read this blog.

How to Create a Lush, Green Lawn. Creating and maintaining a lush, green lawn takes less time and work than you think. Follow these easy steps any time March through May for a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy! Click here to read this blog.

Best Flowering Annuals for Sun & Shade. Let us show you some of our favorite annuals that with thrive all summer long. Whether you’re looking to plant a large garden, a few flower pots or a window box, we have the best annuals available. Click here to read this blog. 

How to Plant Trees & Shrubs. Providing your plants with the proper foundation on which to grow is the first step to enjoying those plants for many years to come. Follow these easy steps for successful tree and shrub planting every time. Click here to read this blog.

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden. Every gardener is thrilled when a beautiful butterfly lands in their yard and lingers on the blossoms they find. Butterflies are graceful, almost angelic insects that bring a feeling of peace and tranquility to any garden. Learn how to attract butterflies to your garden by reading this blog.

Monarch Butterfly in a Butterfly Garden#9
Drought Tolerant Perennial for Your Garden. Drought tolerant perennials are the perfect option for hot sunny spots in your garden.  Choose one or more of the plants listed within this blog to create a bright sunny perennial garden that comes back year after year. Click here to read this blog.

Curb Appeal Challenges & Solutions. Learn how our Landscape Design/Build division can take your cur appeal from bland to beautiful as we show you before and after pictures of a home landscape we redesigned and installed this summer. Click here to read this blog.