Most people want to take a plant home, water it occasionally and have it look beautiful always!  Most plants require a bit more care than that, but there are a few who come close.

Here are eight of our favorite hard to kill houseplants for your home. 


This is a very versatile plant.  It can be grown in glass enclosures, in water, in bark or moss and in soil.  It prefers high humidity and filtered bright light. This is a great plant for terrariums.



Bromeliads are available in a variety of colors and leaf variations. The flwoers last for several months at a time. They prefer bright light and well-drained soil. When watering a bromeliad you add water to the center of the leaves (Bracts) and do not water the soil.


Succulents in a Planter

Cactus and Succulents
Cactus and succulents are the perfect plant for anyone who has full sunlight (south or west window) for most of the day.  They require very little water.  During summer months water once every week or so. In the winter, water once a month.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen
This plant likes low light. It will perform well in the middle of a room or a corner where there is low light.  Chinese evergreens are known for their beautiful leaves.  Great plant for an office.


Peace Lily

This is the one low light foliage plant that is known for its leaves as well as its beautiful white flowers.  Keep the soil moist when in bloom and let the soil dry slightly between waterings when not in bloom. This is a great plant for someone who is unsure when to water since the leaves droop when it is thirsty.



Pothos is a vining plant that is found in hanging baskets and trellised pots. They will tolerate low light but do best with moderate light.  It is a great office plant because it doesn’t need direct light and if it gets too big you can easily cut it back.


Snake Plant

Snake plant
This is a virtually indestructible houseplant.  It is the ultimate low light plant and loves neglect! Given proper care, the snake plant looks great in any type of décor.


ZZ Plant

This plant thrives in low light and requires little water.  It does not like direct sunlight.  It is a very unique looking plant.  ZZ needs only to be watered once a month or less.  Overwatering is its greatest enemy.


Planting a Houseplant

  Houseplant Tips
Light: Make sure you know the type of light your plants require.  Take into account the season (winter, spring, summer, fall) and the direction your light is coming from.

Water: Water your plants when they are dry to the touch.  By touch, we mean put your finger a few inches down into the soil. If it is dry – water, if not wait another day or so and check the soil again. Plants prefer to rest between waterings.  Keeping the soil too moist all the time can rot the roots.  OVERWATERING is the #1 killer of houseplants.

Temperature: Houseplants are like people.  They are most comfortable at room temperature and don’t like extreme changes in temperature.  Beware of radiators, drafts, air conditioners & open doors.

Feeding: Houseplants need to be fed just like people. Light feedings are given in February (1/2 recommended dose) and full feedings are given in April when the days begin to get warmer and longer.  Continue to fertilize until October when the days get shorter and the plants start to “hibernate”.  No feedings are required from October till February when the schedule starts again.


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