A proper landscape design is a balance not only of the aesthetic, but also the function of the space. In the case of a front entrance the curb appeal or aesthetic is a main consideration. However, what about the functionality?

  • Is there a place to park?
  • How do you get to the front door?
  • Can you see the house?

Here is a project Hicks Landscapes recently designed and installed in Huntington where we had to deal with these curb appeal challenges. The driveway could not properly accommodate parking and there was no way to get to the front door from the driveway. So, I decided to design a different path.

First, a pull off parking area was added to accommodate multiple cars, give visitors a sense of direction and to get them closer to the front door. I added screening plants near the garage doors in order to bring more attention towards the front of the house.

Second, a front walk was created from the parking area to allow guests to easily find the front of the home. The front walk was brought through a severe slope using beautiful stone walls to terrace the journey.  Lush, colorful plantings draw people into the walkway and soften the walls.

Upon navigating the 2 sets of blue stone steps through the garden walls the view is not quite at the front door yet though.  A large, landing area adorned with a bench and colorful planting is the next destination.  Upon arrival to this space, the front steps leading to the door are realized.

Not only did guests have an obvious place to park and a comfortable path to follow, but they embarked on a journey through multiple levels of gardens.  Throughout the seasons, these gardens change. There is a strong evergreen backbone of azaleas, hollies and cherry laurels which carry the space through winter. A progression of colorful blooming trees, shrubs, perennials and roses give visitors a different journey with every visit throughout the seasons! Lastly, landscape lighting makes the path safe to navigate in the evening while enhancing the structure of the garden walls and plantings.

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