Flowering plants add a splash of color to your home and make great gifts for family and friends. While poinsettias are the most popular option, there are several other choices that will bloom for many months and provide interest for many years.

Cyclamen Flowering Houseplant

Cyclamen are beautiful fragrant flowering plants available in white, red, pink and dark maroon. They bloom for about one month in the spring and then again during Fall/Winter. In addition to showy flowers cyclamen have intricately patterned beautiful leaves. Since they prefer cooler temperatures, they are the perfect choice for an entry way, cold windowsill or porch where doors may be opening.


Christmas cactus is another holiday favorite that translates into a beautiful year-round plant. This easy care succulent has unique blossoms in white, lavender, salmon, and red draping from the top of a cactus-like plan. Just like cyclamen, you can expect blooms in early spring and again in winter. They make great hanging baskets too and are often used outdoors in the summer months.


White Amaryllis Flower

Amaryllis is an indoor flowering bulb that provides a spectacular display of blooms. They are prized for their huge 4 to 6 inch wide bold, bell-like flowers in shades of white, red abd pink. They can be planted indoors from October until the end of April. Flowering time begins in early December and can extend through the end of May, depending on when the bulb is planted. Watching the flower stalks shoot up and the buds expand and open will keep the whole family in suspense. With proper care and handling, amaryllis bulbs will bloom indoors year after year.

Flowering houseplants add a wonderful feel to a home – especially during the holidays. Give cyclamen, Christmas cactus or amaryllis a chance – you won’t be disappointed by their beauty!



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