Skip the cut flowers and opt instead for the long-lasting color of flowering houseplants. Not only are indoor plants more economical, they may also live and flower for several years. Cut flowers only last for a week or two. Ease your winter blues and bring joy to your home with flowering houseplants.

Here are the most popular indoor plants for long lasting color:

Cyclamen Flowering Houseplant

Cyclamen are beautiful flowering plants available in white, red, pink and dark maroon. They bloom for about one month in the spring and then again during Fall/Winter. Cyclamen prefer cool temperatures, making them the perfect option for an entryway or near a cold window.


African Violet Houseplant

African Violets can bloom continuously throughout the year if they are happy. Available in shades of pink, purple and white, they require indirect sunlight and warm daytime temperatures. They are a perfect small gift for a teacher or loved one.


Orchid Flower

Orchids are spectacular plants with exotic flowers. They bloom for several weeks at a time, are not finicky about indoor temperatures and do not require very bright light. Orchids are available in a myriad of colors from white to pink, shades of orange and blue.


Peace Lily Flower

The Peace Lily has deep green leaves and pure white flowers. It tolerates low light but blooms denser in medium light conditions. Their vibrant leaves and interesting textures will add beauty to your home while also cleaning the air you and your family breathe.


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