Although crape myrtle may remind you of vacations in the South, there are many varieties that will flourish right here in your Long Island garden. Plant your crape myrtle in full sun and then sit back and enjoy the beauty of the bark, foliage and flowers.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Black Diamond® Red Hot™ Crape Myrtle
A revolutionary new crape myrtle with stunning, near black foliage crowned with masses of hot red blooms early summer through fall. Red Hot creates a colorful hedge or a beautiful specimen.
Mature size: 10’ tall x 8’ wide

Moonlight Magic™ Crape Myrtle
Superb dark maroon foliage is resistant to problems such as leaf spot and mildew. Unique upright habit that lends itself to small tree status. Blooms prolifically with bright white flowers late July into August.
Mature size: 8-12’ tall and 4-6’ wide.

Purple Magic Crapemyrtle

Purple Magic™ Crape Myrtle
A shrub crape myrtle, blooming in early summer with a profusion of dark purple flowers. New growth has a reddish cast and matures to a rich green color.
Mature size: 6-10’ tall x 6-10’ wide

Tuscarora Crape MyrtleTuscarora Crapemyrtle
Gorgeous, coral-pink flowers bloom on this crape myrtle from mid-summer until fall. Peeling bark provides winter interest. Fast growing. Great fall color. The glossy green leaves turn lovely shades of orange and bronze in the fall.
Mature size: 15′ tall and wide.

Natchez CrapemyrtleNatchez Crape Myrtle
A large shrub or small tree with smooth, dark cinnamon-brown exfoliating bark. Glossy dark green leaves turn vibrant orange-red in fall. Panicles of pure white, soft textured flowers bloom all summer. Makes an excellent specimen, accent or group planting.
Mature size: Moderate grower to 20’ tall and wide.

Muskogee Crape MyrtleMuskogee Crapemyrtle
Panicles of light lavender-pink flowers appear amid glossy green foliage that turns red in fall. The cinnamon colored bark is smooth, peeling to a shiny light gray. A large shrub or small tree that makes an excellent specimen or group planting.
Mature Size: 15-20’ tall and 15’ wide.

Tonto Crapemyrtle FlowersTonto Crape Myrtle
Small, red to purple soft textured blooms. The foliage turns a luscious orange-red in the fall for exquisite cool season color. Smooth, colorful peeling bark provides year-round interest. A heat and drought tolerant specimen or accent.
Mature height: Fast-growing multi-stemmed shrub to 8 ft. tall and wide.

Dynamite® Crape MyrtleDynamite® Crapemyrtle
Attractive ornamental shrub or small tree with smooth, peeling bark. Showy, ruffled, fire red flowers followed by vibrant orange-red fall foliage. Excellent specimen or plant in groups for an explosion of color in the landscape and year-round interest.
Mature size: 15-20’ tall and10-15’ wide.

Cherry Dazzle Crapemyrtle flowersCherry Dazzle® Dwarf Crape Myrtle
The show begins with bronze new leaves, maturing dark green, followed by masses of brilliant red flowers and finally showy red-purple foliage color in the fall. Compact habit and disease resistant foliage means easier care in shrub borders.
Mature size: 3-5’ tall and wide.

For additional information about how to plant crape myrtle, click here.