Crape Myrtle

All About Crape Myrtle

“Plant your garden and decorate your soul.”
Luther Burbank

There was a time, not too long ago, when one would have to travel to the Southeastern states to see crape myrtle. Fortunately, there are now hardier types that Long Islanders can grow in their own backyard.



Crape Myrtles are awesome for many reasons:    

– Large, full flowers in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple and dark red.

– Blooming late summer, flowers can last as long as 60 days.

– They come in a range of sizes, from a midsize shrub to a small multi-trunked, vase-shaped tree. 

       Semi-dwarf varieties: 3’-10’ tall

       Intermediate varieties:    11’-20’ tall

       Tree varieties: 21’-33’ tall

– Interesting bark color and patterns in shades of brown to gray, which is a real landscape asset, especially during the winter.

– Can be used as an informal hedge, a screen or as an accent, depending on their size.

– Perfect option for around the pool, patio or other places you spend time outdoors in the summer.

– The brightly colored flowers attract pollinators.

Please visit the Tree & Shrub Help Center in the nursery yard to learn more about the different varieties of Crape Myrtle available.

Care Information

Please Note: These plants are very late to leaf out in spring (late April/early May) so be patient.

  • Crape myrtle prefer full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Fertilize in late spring with a well-balanced fertilizer.
  • Wait to prune until the buds of the flowers break in spring.
  • If the plant has been injured by cold weather simply prune out the dead or dying branches in the spring.
  • Because crape myrtles bloom on the current season’s growth, they can recover from winter injury and bloom by late summer.


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