Mother’s Day is a great time to purchase a new rose for your garden. There are so many new varieties that are easy to grow everyone can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of a rose.

Basic Rose Types

climbing America rosesClimbers – perfect for arbors, fences and trellises- very easy to train

Hybrid Tea – bred for the classic long stems and amazing colored blossoms.

English – bred for unbeatable fragrance and cabbage-like flower forms.

Landscape or Shrub roses – Knockouts, Flower Carpets and Drift roses, all low maintenance, disease resistant – outstanding performers in the garden. Great for beginners!

Tips for Growing Roses

1. Plant in full sun for best flowering, space according to mature size for good air circulation.

2. Try to keep the foliage as dry as possible watering the base of the plant with soaker hose is best.

3. Use a rose fertilizer like Dr. Earth Rose Food when planting for increased plant vigor and performance.

4. Mulch well around roots to keep water in and weeds out!

Rose Companions – In the sunny border roses blend well with hardy grasses, daylilies and perennial flowers.   Low flowering annuals can be used as a groundcover under rose bushes.