Create a home fit for your fur babies with our list of the top pet-friendly houseplants. In addition to cleaning the air and boosting your mood, houseplants add life and bring joy to every member of the family.


Bamboo Palm

#1. Areca Palm

Known as the bamboo plant for its likeness to bamboo and it’s soft, wispy green leaves. Prefers moist, well-drained soil and bright indirect sunlight.



#2. Bromeliad

The dynamic colors of this plant will transform your space into a tropical oasis. Blooms last up to 6 months. Thrives in medium light and well-drained soil.


Orchid Pink

#3. Orchid

Add elegance to any room in your home with an orchid. They are easy to grow and bloom for several weeks at a time in medium sunlight.


#4. Ponytail Palm

Fun, easy to grow almost indestructible plant for a room with high light. A fantastic option for contemporary and modern interior designs.


African Violet Houseplant

#5. African Violet

A colorful, flowering option for a windowsill or desk with indirect sunlight. Makes a great gift for a pet parent.


Calathea Orbifolia

#6. Calathea Orbifolia

A member of the Prayer Plant family. Features gorgeous green rounded foliage with silver variegation. Grows best in medium light.


Money Tree Plant

#7. Money Tree

This plant is rumored to bring good luck and fortune and is a favorite of those practicing Feng Shui. Prefers moist soil and medium light.


Polka Dot Plant

#8. Polka Dot Plant

Pink and green speckled leaves give this houseplant depth and color. Easy care plant perfect for a desk, windowsill, end table or shelf.


Watermelon Peperomia

#9. Watermelon Peperonia

This stunning and super-trendy houseplant produces cute leaves that look like little watermelons. Low maintenance, it thrives in high light conditions.


Staghorn Fern

#10. Staghorn Fern

A versatile plant that can be grown in a pot, mounted on the wall or hung in a hanging basket.



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