Most houseplants are relatively easy to take care of – as long as you give them what they need. With the cold weather upon us here on Long Island, take a few minutes while your cooped up indoors to check in with your houseplants. Here are 5 tips to help your houseplants thrive and bring joy to your home.

Pilea Friendship Plant

#1. Sunlight:

Know what kind of sunlight exposure you have in the location where you want your houseplant to live. Consider the direction that the window faces; be aware of trees or other outside structures that may block sunlight from the window.


Watering Houseplants

#2. Water:

Water houseplants thoroughly only when the soil a few inches deep in the pot dries to the touch. If you are not sure if the soil feels dry don’t water it; instead come back and check it again tomorrow. Over-watering is the number one killer of most houseplants.


#3 Indoor Temperatures:

Houseplants like the same indoor temperatures as we do, but they do not like extremes. Avoid places on or near radiators and appliances that give off heat; they will cause the plant to dry out prematurely. Houseplants do not like cold drafts either; avoid air conditioner vents and doors that open and close to the outdoors often.


Planting a Houseplant

#4 Fertilizer:

Houseplants need to be fed just like people. Light feedings are given in February (½ the recommended dose) and full feedings are given in April when the days begin to get warmer and longer.  Continue to fertilize until October when the days get shorter and the plants start to “hibernate”.  No feedings are required from October till early February when the schedule starts again.


Swiss Cheese Plant

#5 Love:

Show your houseplants lots of love and they will thrive!

  • Check the plant every 6-12 months to see if a new, larger pot may be needed.
  • Rinse the leaves monthly with a little warm water or leaf shine to keep the plant happy and healthy.
  • Stake larger branches and heavily flowering branches as needed.
  • A little love can go a long way to keeping your houseplant looking and feeling its best!

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