Turn your backyard from bland to beautiful this summer by adding colorful tropical plants to your garden beds and planters. It is easy to create the look and feel of the tropics by shopping the amazing selection of plants at Hicks Nurseries.

“I travel to Florida several times a year to hand select the very best and most interesting plants available. Create a tropical paradise in your backyard by shopping our extensive selection of tropical plants. The premium hibiscus are one of my favorites – they add spectacular color to any garden,” said Lori Vanderlaske, Hicks’ Greenhouse Buyer.

Select one or more of these show-stopping plants to create a tropical oasis so realistic – you’ll want to spend your vacation in your own backyard!


Tradewinds Tropical Hibiscus

Tradewinds Premium Hibiscus
Tradewinds premium hibiscus are grown for their compact form, glossy foliage and large, abundant blooms. This popular tropical plant will add a bust of color to your garden and are great for container planting.


 Mandevilla Vine
This tropical flowering vine blooms all summer, loves full sun and looks great on a trellis planted in the ground or a planter. Choose from pink, white or red flowers.


Elephant Ear Plant

 Elephant Ear Bulbs add a dramatic tropical look to any garden in sunny and part shade areas. Try under planting it with a trailing plant like sweet potato vine or petunias.


Croton Houseplant

This foliage plant has bright, colorful leaves. Great low-maintenance option for your deck or patio.


Cordyline Ti Plant

 Cordyline fruticose ‘Hawaiian Ti”
This foliage plant, known as the good luck plant in Hawaii, has glossy, colorful leaves. It thrives in partial sun or partial shade and is great for container planting. This plant loves humidity, perfect for our Long Island Summers on the deck or patio.


Large Foliage Palm Plants

 Tropical Palms
Are a great plant to use as a focal point in a large container with other tropical plants or colorful annuals like caliente geraniums and potato vine. Choose from Majesty, Areca, Chinese Fan, Bottle, Sago, Date palm and more.



The brightly colored flower bracts of bromeliads last for many months. Prefers a shady spot.

If some of these plants seems familiar, it could that you already have them inside your house. Plants deserve a vacation too – move your houseplants outdoors for summer once the night time temperatures stay a consistent 50 degrees. In the fall you’ll transition them back indoors. (Learn how here)

Our expert staff is here to help you every step of the way. From helping you choose the perfect tropical plants for your garden to creating custom planters, we are here to make the process simple and even fun!


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