Once the nighttime temperatures start to dip below 50 degrees it is time to move your houseplants indoors for winter. Here are 5 easy steps for success:


Decide where your houseplants will live indoors. If you do not have adequate sunlight, invest in a grow light. You’ll also need a saucer to protect surfaces from water. We have a great selection of saucers and grow lights for purchase in-store.



Before you bring them inside, move your plant to an area outdoors that is less sunny for 1-2 weeks. This gives it time to acclimate to the lower light conditions it will encounter indoors.




One week before you bring your plant indoors spray it thoroughly with insecticidal soap. Be sure to spray the top and bottom of each leaf.


Misting Houseplant Leaves with Water


The day before you bring the plant inside, drench the soil with insecticidal soap to kill any bugs that may be living in the soil. Spray the leaves again as well.



Leave the plant outside for a few hours to dry, then bring it indoors to its new home for the winter.


Bringing your favorite houseplants and tropicals indoors during the winter months allows you to enjoy your plants every day of the year. Give it a try, we’re here to answer any questions you may have.

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