Fall is one of the best (and most overlooked) times to plant a vegetable garden. Think about it – how do farm stands have such great produce to sell in the fall? It’s because they know the secret – plant a second crop now! The warm summer temperatures help a plant to establish its root system while the cool weather of fall encourages bountiful yields. Many vegetables, including lettuce and broccoli can be harvested until the ground freezes.

We have more than 30 varieties in-stock, but let me highlight a few of my favorites:

Bright Lights Swiss Chard: Beautiful multi-colored stems and mild tasting leaves of green or bronze. Sauté it with some olive oil and a little salt – delicious!

Kohlrabi: I love this plant! It has a mild, sweet, turnip like flavor. I usually boil it until it’s soft and then add a little salt, pepper and butter. Great side dish.

Gourmet Blend Lettuce: I like to call it “fancy” lettuce. It’s a mix of several different varieties that allow for a long-lasting harvest. All lettuces are simple to harvest. Just go out to the plant and snip what you need. Another favorite is ‘Merlot’ Lettuce. It has really striking dark red, almost purple foliage and is high in antioxidants.

French Filet Beans: These are great because they do not require staking and provide a heavy yield in cool weather. Make sure to harvest often before the bulge of the bean is visible in the pod – that is when they taste best!

Due to my small yard size, I like to intermingle my vegetables with other plantings in the garden and you can too! Think outside the box, you have more room than you think!

Some fun ideas:

  • Plant a shallow planter with different shades of lettuce and place it on your patio. Not only will it look like a beautiful centerpiece, it will be right there when you need it.
  •  I have a sincere love of kohlrabi. Even though you eat the turnip-like bulb it produces, the leaves of kohlrabi are amazing! I have used them in border plantings around my yard.
  •  Plant Bright Lights Swiss Chard in planters on your front porch for an amazing color pop!

So give it a try, plant some vegetables this weekend and enjoy a bounty of fresh produce well into late fall! I’d love to see your favorite recipes for Fall veggies. Be sure to share them with me here!