All about Bonsai

All About Bonsai

The bonsai grower knows that if she can give life to a product that lives forever and perpetually adds value to the lives of others, she has not only a success but a legacy.” Steven Berglas

Bonsai is the art of growing trees in a confined space (usually in a pot or shallow tray) to simulate a certain look in a reduced scale. Although traditional Japanese bonsai live outdoors, these tiny trees are perfect for adding dramatic flare to indoor spaces such as living rooms, offices and bedrooms.


Caring for Bonsai


Bonsai should be grown indoors and placed in an east or west facing window in summer and a southern window in winter.



Bonsai enjoy moist, well-drained soil. Consistency is key – they do not like to dry out between waterings or be too wet. Dig your finger about an inch down into the soil. If it feels moist do not water and check again in a few days. Water-logged soil will cause root rot.



Fertilize every two weeks during the spring and summer months will a liquid indoor plant food.


Pruning & Training

Pruning and training are the most important requirements for maintaining the size and shape of bonsai. This involves the removal of vigorous new growth in the spring and occasionally throughout the growing season. Never remove all new growth. Occasionally, the plant should be removed from the pot or tray and root pruning should be done to maintain the plant’s size.

For training branches, soft copper wire can be used to loosely wind around branches and gently bend them to the desired shape and direction. The wire should be removed several months later before it scars or cuts into the bark.



Bonsai should be repotted every two to five years. Trim away the outer layers of roots and clean the pot thoroughly before repotting the tree.


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