Enjoying time with my family and in the privacy of my own backyard is something I cherish. If you’re like us, we spend the summer out back sitting on the deck chatting, afternoons swimming in the pool, mornings gardening and lots of time bbq-ing with friends. Long Island provides the perfect weather for summer fun. Although I do enjoy my neighbors, I also enjoy deciding when I see them. Fences are helpful but I find a nice tall row of beautiful evergreens looks even better.

Choosing the perfect evergreen screen for your garden can be a bit confusing but luckily we’ve created a simple chart to help you make the perfect choice. Here are three of our favorite screening plants for sun and shade, how they grow and why we think they’re pretty awesome.

Screening Plants Growth Chart


Once you decide which type of screening you would like the next step is to come in to Hicks Nurseries with measurements of the depth and length of the area you want to cover as well as a good idea of what type of sunlight the area receives. Our knowledgeable sales staff will then help you choose the best plants for your specific circumstances. Delivery & planting services are also available. 

Planting a beautiful row of evergreens will provide you and your family with the privacy you deserve and a living fence you will love!

Additional Information:
How to Plant

Watering the Right Way


Screening Hedge.