As a shade garden lover, I have recently come to terms with the fact that I have some work to do in the garden.  Thanks to Super-storm Sandy, many of my once shady spots are now in full blazing sun, and the hostas in particular are not happy about that.  The deep blue varieties have turned green and some of the other colors are already showing signs of sun damage on the leaves.

The good news is that hostas are easy to move, divide and replant – even at this time of year.  All you need is a good sharp spade to lift the whole clump out.

Then knock off as much soil as you can, divide the clump with the spade and replant.  Make sure to water regularly and mulch.

Now that I am reworking the bed, I will add some daylilies to that border, and possibly ornamental grass. I am going try a few hostas in containers that I can move around the yard, and see how they work in combinations with ferns and coral bells.  Necessity is really the mother of inspiration!