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We have everything you need to keep your lawn and garden looking its best every season.

Hicks Nurseries is more than just your neighborhood garden supply store on Long Island. We offer an extensive selection of name brand problem-solving remedies as well as fertilizers, mulch, garden tools, grass seed and soil.

We specialize in natural and organic gardening supplies and products, in addition to offering traditional lawn care solutions.

Shop from the comfort of home for essential lawn & garden supplies or visit our store in Westbury for everything you need under one roof.

Garden Supplies
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Got a Garden or Lawn Problem? 

Put Our Gardening Experts on the Case.

Our horticultural specialists can solve any garden problem you may have, as well as provide a helping hand when it comes to making your selections. You can’t find a more knowledgeable staff anywhere. And nobody knows Long Island’s soil, climate, and flora better than we do.

We offer everything you need to be successful in your garden, including:

  • Earth-Friendly gardening supplies for use around pets and children
  • Plant and Lawn Fertilizers
  • Grass Seed, Sod
  • Garden Remedies for weeds, mosquitoes, grubs and more
  • Garden Tools
  • Stakes, Arbors and Trellis
  • Mulches, Soils and Composts
  • Garden Decorations
  • …and More!

Read our guide: Lawn Care Made Simple (Printable PDF file)


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