Learn to grow your own plants, food and grass by using people and pet safe products and practices

You can have a yard to be envied by your neighbors while being safe for you, your children and pets. It can also provide you with pleasure, visual gratitude and fresh fruits and vegetables for you table.


Success starts with your soil for any outdoor garden or yard project.  Good soil leads to healthier, stronger more productive plants and turf with greater tolerance to stress and disease limiting any need for pesticides.

Plant Selection

Choose the right plant or grass for the right situation. Consider size, shape, light and moisture requirements.

Check pH

The pH of your soil determines if a plant can use the fertilizer you are adding and the response you can expect.  A correct pH leads to less waste, reduces leaching (which contaminates ground water) and provides more productive stronger plants.  You can test the pH yourself with a kit or bring a soil sample to Hicks Nurseries where they can test it for you for free while you wait. Just make sure the soil is completely dry.

Soil and Hands Image

Choice of Fertilizers

Choose organics. They have definite benefits over synthetic fertilizers.  Organic fertilizers encourage necessary soil microbes, minimize leaching and waste and provides more complete long lasting feedings without burning. Organic plant foods are available in dry granular options as well as the new Espoma Easy Pour Liquids, which requires no mixing or measuring.
For new plantings use Biotone Starter Plus. It’s like plant insurance for all your new planting and transplanting projects.  It promotes faster stronger rooting, minimizes stress and possible plant loss.  Saves you money!

Lawn Care

You can have a lawn to “Keep up With the Jones’s” while being safe for your kids and pets to play on at the same time.  Try the Espoma Organic Lawn Foods, available at Hicks Nurseries.


For those with limited garden space, containers are the perfect alternative for flowers and edibles.  Espoma soils provide the container mixes for all your seed starting and container growing needs.

Blog courtesy of The Espoma Company.

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