Neem Oil is a natural, non-toxic solution that can be used to control and prevent many common plant pests and diseases in the ornamental and vegetable garden.

Aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, beetles and spider mites are some of the more common insects that it helps to control. Since it’s used in oil form, it can kill any insects that it comes in contact with. More importantly, it causes the pest to have a loss of appetite and it interferes with reproduction – preventing a larger infestation in the future. It also works on foliar diseases like black spot and mildew.

Neem Oil is safe to use on both ornamental and edible crops. It can be used on vegetables and herbs right up to the day of harvest. At Hicks, we have Neem Oil available in both a ready-to-use spray and concentrate that you can mix yourself.

Natural and effective, Neem Oil can be your first line of defense against most insects and disease in the garden. Remember, all sprays are best applied in the morning when it’s cooler on a day without rain in the forecast.

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