Gardening can be extremely rewarding, and if you let it – gardening can be so much fun! Hicks Nurseries is a garden center full of gardeners (aka plant geeks), here to help you create and maintain the garden of your dreams. We’re excited to be here each and every day and we LOVE to share our knowledge.

gardening consultations long islandEvery gardener was once a beginner. We understand it might be intimidating to plant your first vegetable garden or tree, but with a little encouragement and direction you can do it.

With a little effort you CAN grow lettuce or tomatoes or trees or hosta. You CAN grow a blueberry bush or an apple tree. You CAN fertilize your own lawn or shrubs.

Hicks can help you in several ways.

#1. Come on in! Meet our staff. We are chock full of people here to answer questions and to show you how and what to do in the garden.

#2 Hicks Landscapes. We have an extremely talented design team. Hicks Landscapes offers design & installation as well as project management. Learn more and see their portfolio of work here.

#2 Visit our web site. Go to and peruse the site. We have a great selection of Blogs and Educational Resources as well as a Plant Finder tool that provides all sorts of great information. Additionally the site has a list of Current Specials and Upcoming Events.

#3 Visit our social media sites! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram posting pictures and useful information every day. Ask a question, like our posts or just look around. We’re here!

Keep it SIMPLE tips:

– Of course you can experiment with coffee grinds or seaweed you collect from the ocean but why not let us show you items that are organic/natural and are ready to use?

– If you have never planted a vegetable garden before – start small. Think about your space, sunlight and honestly, your time. Maybe start with 4 plants this year instead of 20!

– Take care of your lawn throughout the season. A well fed lawn is a healthy lawn. Don’t wait for a problem – fertilize and water accordingly.

– Plant plants were they will thrive. Full sun plants should be planted in full sun and shade plants in shade. Think about your area – is it very dry? Moist? Plant what will work best in those areas.

So once you plant your garden or shrubs or pick your first tomato, be sure to share the news with us! We love to see pictures and receive comments. Remember – We Love Gardens As Much As You Do!