Whether you had a successful summer garden or are planting vegetables for the first time now is the time to plant Fall crops.

Why Now?
The warm summer temperatures help a plant to establish its root system. Then, once the temperatures lower a bit, the cool weather of fall will encourage bountiful yields. Many vegetables, including lettuce and broccoli can be harvested until the ground freezes.

What’s in Stock?
Right now (8/19/16) we have the following USDA Certified Organic vegetable plants in-stock. Our selection will continue to change, so if you are looking for something specific, please call 516-334-0066 to ask about our current availability.

  1. Carrots (Yaya)carrots
  2. Cabbage (Savoy)
  3. Broccoli (Belstar) and Broccoli Raab
  4. Beets (Bull’s Blood)
  5. Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)
  6. Snap Peas (Sugar Ann)
  7. Kale (Dinosaur)
  8. Collards
  9. Lettuce (Baby Oakleaf, Gourmet Blend, Merlot, Red Planet Mix, Outredgeous)

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