There are many plants available today that enjoy getting their feet wet. Join Alison Caldwell, horticultural buyer at Hicks Nurseries as she walks you through the best plants for wet locations including rain gardens, ponds, tubs and bogs. Click here to watch “Plants for Water Gardening” video of her seminar on Sunday, March 12th, 2017.

Moisture Tolerant Plants             Tropical
Latin Name     Common Name   Sun/Shade Hardy Zones
Acorus     Sweet Flag   Part   H 5-9
Alocasia     Elephant Ear   Part   T 9-11
Asclepias     Swamp Milkweed Sun   H 3-8
Canna     Canna Lily   Sun   T 7-10
Carex     Sedge     Part   H 5-9
Chelone     Turtlehead   Part   H 5-8
Colocasia     Elephant Ear   Sun/Part 8-11
Cyperus     Papyrus   Sun   T 8-10
Eichornia crassipes     Water Hyacinth   Sun   T 8-10
Ensete     Red Abyssinian Banana Sun    8-10
Equisetum     Horstail Rush   Sun/Part H 4-9
Hibiscus     Hardy Hibiscus   Sun   H 4-8
Iris Ensata     Japanese Iris   Sun/Part H 5-9
Iris Versicolor     Blue Flag Iris   Sun/Part H 4-9
Juncus     Rush     Sun/Part H 5-9
Liatris     Spiked Gayfeather Sun   H 5-9
Ligularia     Golden Groundsel Part    H 5-10
Lobelia     Cardinal Flower   Sun/Part H 5-9
Musa Basjoo     Hardy Banana   Sun/Part H 5-10
Pistia stratiodes     Water Lettuce     Sun/Part T 9-10
Pontederia cordata     Pickerel     Sun   H 3-10
Nymphaea     Hardy Water Lily     Sun   H 4-9
Sarracenia     Pitcher plants   Sun   H 6-8