Winter is here . . . time to plan for Spring!

As you sit cozy inside, sheltered from the winter weather, you may want to look past the frost on the window and consider what you have in mind for landscaping when the warm weather comes. The winter months are an excellent time to have the designers at Hicks Landscapes begin planning your landscape for several reasons.

Planning takes time– Although you may have ideas for what changes you may want to make to your landscape, whether it is just adding few plants, or the installation of a new patio, deck or swimming pool the process of designing is the same. First documenting the existing conditions, then mapping a solution can take some time to get right. Hicks Landscapes designers can take the time now to explore different options and ideas and find the best solutions to meet your needs.

Permits may be requiredРIf your project involves removal of trees, construction of patios, walls, fencing, a pool, or other structures most towns require permits. This can be a lengthily process that can take weeks or even months depending on the municipality and what type of work you are planning. If the work proposed does not meet building code, a variance may be required making the process even more difficult and time consuming.  Hicks designers have worked in most local jurisdictions and can help guide you through the system.

Schedules get busy– When that first warm Spring day hits everyone sheds their winter coat, heads outside and proceeds to call the landscaper to start planning for the Spring. By starting to plan now you can be on the front of the line for scheduling work instead of the end of it. Although Hicks Landscapes has several full time landscape installation crews, during the peak season the waiting list can be several weeks long.

Be done in time to enjoy it– By beginning the planning process early, you can greatly increase your chances of having your landscape up and running come summer for entertaining and relaxing. So instead of having a construction site to look at, you can have a beautiful finished landscape to enjoy.

Starting early also gives the plants time to acclimate before the heat of Summer.

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