The first step to creating a beautiful front yard and entryway is to reach out to the experts at Hicks Landscapes.

Front Yard Landscape Design By Hicks Landscapes The completed front yard. Designed and installed by Hicks Landscapes.

This particular client contacted Hicks Landscapes after finishing an extensive renovation of their home and front porch. Although the home looks beautiful, the existing front foundation planting had been removed and the lawn had been destroyed. The renovation also left them with new porch steps that did not align with the
existing walkway and the driveway was much too small.

Construction Solutions

The solution incorporated grading, masonry, irrigation and of course – new plantings. We used concrete pavers and asphalt to create a new walkway that connects the redesigned driveway to their front porch.

A parking spur was added for one car while still allowing access for a second car to the garage. The walkway was raised slightly to meet the new front steps. This allowed us to also re-grade the front yard so that we could pitch water to away from the home and newly constructed porch.

Planting Solutions

The homeowners wanted the front of their home to be filled with color throughout the seasons. A combination of evergreens, deciduous shrubs and perennials were used to create a front garden that would flourish spring all the way through fall. A combination of flowering shrubs including Hydrangea quercifolia, Rhododendron ‘Roseum Elegans’ and Azalea ‘Macrantha Pink’ were used to provide bold impacts of seasonal interest. Long blooming perennials such as Astilbe, Daylily, Lobelia, Coneflower, and Nepeta were used in strategic places to create a front foundation garden filled with color.

For the side yard, a newly created planting bed off the added parking spur separates the side yard from the street. Evergreen shrubs including Prunus ‘Schipkaensis’ and Ilex form an arc of screening, while perennials such as Coneflower, Baptisia and Daylily were used in this area to introduce color to both the driveway and the side yard. This expansion has given the clients ample amounts of recreational space in what was previously a small, pass-through side yard.

With the re-designed landscape and construction solutions, Hicks Landscapes was able to address all of the client’s goals and provide an inviting and colorful front entry for their family and guests to enjoy as they enter their home.

Front Yard Landscape Designed by Hicks Nurseries

By Anthony Musso, Landscape Designer.


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