The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a popular holiday in several Asian countries and many other places across the world. It celebrates the beginning of a new calendar year whose months are based on moon cycles. The popular holiday is celebrated in many of the same ways we celebrate other holidays; delicious food, gift giving and time with friends and family.

Houseplants play a huge role in celebrating the Lunar New Year and are known for their ability to bring positive change to your home and office. Fill your year with good fortune by adding houseplants to your home. From rich, red anthuriums to money trees and peace lilies, these plants are guaranteed to help you start the year off on the right foot.


Orchid Pink

Orchids are a symbol of fertility and abundance. They are available in several colors and sizes and are a fantastic choice for any home décor.


Peace Lilies are believed to have healing and cleansing powers. In addition to cleaning the air of harmful toxins this plant increases humidity which is good for your skin and sinuses.



Bromeliads have beautifully colored spikes that last for many months. A member of the pineapple family, it is said to symbolize good fortune.


Money Tree Plant

The Money Tree is considered a symbol of financial success. The plant is often gifted during the Lunar New Year to help attract wealth and abundance.



The red color of anthurium symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. This easy-care plant filters the air of harmful toxins as it reblooms throughout the year.


Jade Houseplant

Jade plants symbolize prosperity, wealth and fortune. It is rumored that when given as a gift, the jade plants luck increases.


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