If you’re looking for an intensely fragrant plant for your home, office or as a gift, consider a gardenia. These handsome plants have dark leathery leaves which provide a strong contrast to its stunning creamy white flower blossoms. Here are a few tips for how to care for your gardenia.

Gardenia and Pruners

Keep your plant indoors near bright light in the winter and early spring. In the warmer months of summer, you can move it out onto your patio into indirect bright light. Indoors or outside, make sure you place your plant near your outdoor patio or seating area so that you can enjoy its fragrance.

Keep the soil moist but not wet. Gardenias are very thirsty plants so check often to see if it needs water. The plant also enjoys humidity, so consider placing a saucer of water and pebbles (to keep the roots from sitting in water) underneath it to increase its access to humidity.

When to Fertilize
Fertilize monthly, except when blooming with a fertilizer formulated for acid loving plants such as Miracle-Gro Miracid. This will encourage blooming.

Prune your gardenia for size and shape in late winter or early spring. You can also cut off faded flowers to encourage additional blooms.

Gardenias are typically available January through April. Stop in to Hicks Nurseries today to experience the intense fragrance of this beautiful blooming plant.

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