Bring the scent of pine, balsam and juniper to your home by decorating with fresh cut greens. Fragrant greens add a touch of elegance and holiday charm inside and outdoors to your porch, patio, entryway, dining room – anywhere you want to add a little Christmas cheer.  We have a selection unlike anywhere else which includes high mountain hemlock, holly, incense cedar, berried juniper, noble fir, port orford cedar, silver fir, shore pine, western red cedar and white pine among others.

Christmas Centerpiece Live Greens Garland

Here are a few ways to decorate your home with fresh, fragrant greens this holiday season.

Garlands & Centerpieces – think outside the box!
Garlands and roping of cedar, white pine or boxwood can be used along fences or on railings and doorways.  They are easy to hang and you can add bows and lights for an extra special look. Mantle pieces are not just for the fireplace, they can also be used as a centerpiece for a long table. Wreaths also make a great centerpiece around a glass hurricane lamp with a candle or stack of ornaments inside.

Christmas Decorating Front Door with a Live Wreath

Front Door Decorating
Everyone loves a wreath on their front door, but there are other options if you are in the mood for something different and unique.  Try hanging three candle rings vertically with an extravagant ribbon.  We also recommend a large swag of mixed greens with holly that you can tie up with a bow made of your favorite ribbon for a stunning front door display.  Swags also look lovely under coach lights or on the front porch light. Hint – use the same decorations and ribbon to tie the look together.

Fresh cut greens are an excellent way to dress up your planters and window boxes outside, or to make your own arrangements for inside your home.

Tips for Decorating with Fresh Greens

  • Make a fresh cut on all your greens with sharp scissors or garden shears before you begin arranging.
  • Start with something tall in the center, white birch branches for example.  Then layering down in size order three or four of your favorite greens such as pine, cedar, juniper and holly, fill the planter to overflowing.
  • Water well to keep the arrangement fresh and keep outdoor planters moist if the weather is above freezing.

There are many greens to choose from – each with unique color, fragrance and texture.  Let us help you make a special Christmas decoration of your own!

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