Welcome to our 31st Annual Flower & Garden Show!

The first taste of spring begins at Hicks Nurseries. In 2021 we presented a new experience that offers real-world solutions that can be implemented in your own landscape.

 Explore eight gorgeous garden displays each designed by one of our talented landscape designers. 

View our take on some top garden styles for Long Island aimed to refresh, reset and rejuvenate. We all need something new to look forward to. Find your garden style at Hicks Nurseries.


Classic gardens with formal boxwood hedges and tranquil fountains are surrounded by flowers in purple and white. Snow Goose cherry trees blossom in white while lilacs perfume the garden with sweet fragrance. This take on a classic is designed by Anthony Musso.

Formal Garden
Fothergilla Flowers


This rooftop oasis provides you with all the comforts of outdoor living combining sophistication with the beauty of nature. Framed by flowering cherries and a variety of azaleas, style is on full display in this garden designed by Hicks Landscape Designer Sean Maher.

Pink Dogwood Tree
Terrace Garden
Azalea Flowers


On an island surrounded by water, seaside gardens are all around us. Hydrangea, beach plums, and beach roses bloom in the salt air, while grasses sway in the breeze.  Kick back in a chair by the firepit and enjoy the sand and surf in this beach garden designed by Hicks Landscape Designer Sal Masullo.

Boat with Flowers
hydrangea plants long island


Natural materials are the foundation of the Bohemian garden. Enjoy breakfast under the tent or sip an espresso by the fire. Viburnum, ninebark, fothergilla and more provide color and organic texture in this comfortable, laid-back garden fantasy.

Bohemian Garden


Making the most of the space you have is the objective of our urban garden. Flowers of yellow and gold surround you in your own private backyard retreat. Our urban sanctuary display is expertly designed by Hicks Landscape Designer Tom Cahill.

Brooklyn Backyard Garden
Yellow Pansies


When you are ready for a break from the daily grid, it’s time for a trip to paradise. Lounge by the pond or have a cool drink at the bar, as you completely relax in this tropical oasis. In paradise every thumb is green and every shot is a hole in one. This lush spot is designed by Ken Muellers.

Paradise Garden
Paradise Garden


You’ll find blooms-a-plenty in this charming cottage garden. A stroll along the brick path will take you to a cozy spot to enjoy the hydrangeas, lilacs, and peonies blooming all around you. A perfect reminder to stop and smell the roses, as designed by Hicks Landscape Designer Craig Donley.

peony flower
Peony Flowers
Cottage Garden


Spring is in full bloom here at Hicks Nurseries, despite what that pesky groundhog says. Tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth bulbs provide color below, while cherry and redbuds drape playfully from above. This showcase is a colorful medley of flowers synonymous with spring. Designed by our talented Ken Muellers.


Gardens come in many different forms and sizes, and what works for one person may not for another. Whatever your style, we are here to help make your garden a little piece of heaven on earth. Whether you’re looking to add color, furnishings, pottery, water or fire, we can help you find elements that fit your style.

Thinking about updating your landscape and creating the yard of your dreams? Our award-winning Landscape Design & Installation team will turn your dreams into reality. View our work and find out what our clients are raving about!

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