Now is a great time to get your planters and window boxes decorated for the holidays.

Fresh cut greens from the Pacific Northwest are in, and are great to use in all live green arrangements, inside or out.  The red winterberry, blue berries of the juniper and yellow buds on the incense cedar are some of my favorites.  There is also boxwood, high mountain hemlock, shore pine, and Port Orford cedar which have very unique textures. To add height in a planter you could use natural yellow or red twig dogwood, or painted birch branches to add some pizazz.

Cyclamen and Christmas Rose Hellebores are two flowering plants that thrive in cold weather.  The white flowering hellebores can be planted and enjoyed outside all winter long. Cyclamen are available in lovely shades of white, pink and red. They do fine outside to just above freezing temperatures and are perfect for an entryway or cold porch.  And don’t forget the Christmas cactus!  Great in hanging baskets or indoor arrangements.

Also, take a look around your yard and see if there is something you would like to use  – aucuba branches, cranberry branches, holly, yew or rose hips can all be added to the arrangement.  Make a nice bow of waterproof ribbon and wire to a stick for a nice finishing touch. Or stop by the nursery and we can make a special bow for you.

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shore pine Cyclamen Christmas Cactus