Arborvitae trees offer numerous desirable qualities, from their year-round beauty to their ability to create privacy screens, windbreaks, and lush green backdrops in gardens and landscapes. Occasionally, despite being evergreen, you will see browning which is natural and part of their seasonal shedding process.

The dense outer growth of the arborvitae blocks sunlight from reaching the inner branches, causing them to become shaded and eventually die off. This shedding process reallocates resources to the outer branches, helping the tree maintain overall health. It’s a perfectly normal characteristic of the plant.

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However, in order to ensure you have healthy plants to enjoy for years to come, keep these factors in mind:

Sunlight Requirements: Arborvitae trees thrive in full sun. If they are planted in areas with insufficient sunlight, the inner branches may not receive adequate light, leading to more browning than usual. Understanding the importance of proper sunlight exposure is vital for maintaining the health and vibrancy of arborvitae.

  1. Overcrowding Issues: Planting arborvitaes too close together will result in overcrowding, impeding airflow and increasing competition for nutrients. These conditions can cause the inner branches to brown. Proper spacing promotes optimal air circulation and healthy growth.
  2. Watering Considerations: Arborvitae trees generally thrive in moist but well-drained soil. Inadequate watering practices, such as allowing the soil to become excessively dry or waterlogged, can stress the trees, resulting in wilting and browning. Learning about appropriate watering techniques, including regular monitoring of soil moisture levels, prevents these issues.
  3. Pests and Diseases: Arborvitae trees can be vulnerable to various pests such as spider mites and bagworms. Keep an eye out for webbing, spots, or unusual growths to promptly address any issues. Seeking assistance from the experts at Hicks Nurseries to identify any infestation or disease is an important step towards maintaining the health of your arborvitaes.

By understanding and implementing proper planting and care techniques for arborvitaes, you contribute to their health, longevity, and visual allure. Additionally, these practices help establish robust root systems, foster optimal growth, enhance landscape aesthetics ultimately increasing the value of your property.


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