The fourth of July is, in my opinion, one of the best times to take a serious look at the landscape. The roses and hydrangea are blooming, my shrubs are growing and I’m about to have a bunch of barbeques near the pool.

Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Am I happy (or unhappy) with what I have?
  • Are there any bare spots that I should fill with another plant?
  • What can I add next year to add a little more pizazz?

Are you happy?

If you’re happy with your summer garden, great! Take some pictures and keep them for next year so you remember where the perennials are planted and what annuals you’ll need to buy. If you’re unhappy – make a list and take pictures of what’s bothering you. You may be busy running around this week so the pictures and notes will be a great reminder once life slows down and you have time to focus on the garden.

Empty spots

Take some pictures, measure the space and come on over to Hicks. We’ll help you fill in that blank spot with a plant that compliments the rest of the landscape.


While you’re out at barbeques this summer, take pictures of things you like in other peoples gardens. Don’t be shy! Maybe you want to add a gazebo or a new stone pathway or some beautiful perennials or blueberry plants you saw at a friend’s home. Pictures not only act as a reminder to you, they help our sales staff to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your garden. We can help with everything from choosing and delivering plants to designing and installing a new landscape and handling everything in-between.

Try using the Plant Finder Tool on the Hicks Nurseries web site. It helps you choose the best plants for your garden based on what you want (height, width, flowers, etc.) and what the plant needs (sun, shade, soil, etc.) Give it a try!

So enjoy your July 4th barbeques and dips in the pool, but be on the lookout for what your garden needs and how you can make it even more spectacular next year!