At this time of year water is on everyone’s mind. When the temperatures rise, we all worry whether our plants can take the heat and lack of rain.  Deep, regular and consistent watering is the best method for most plants, but in some instances it seems even more challenging – an all or nothing situation.

Waterwise gardening is more than a trend. It makes a lot of sense not to fight Mother Nature and bend to her will. Drought resistant plants are more varied than you might think and there are a lot of exciting new varieties as well as old favorites.

  1. Sedums (sun) Firecracker, Lime Zinger and Dazzleberry are perfect examples with stunning foliage that beats the heat.
  2. Daylilies (sun) Stella D’Oro, Summer Wine
  3. Lavender (sun) favorites include Blue Cushion, Provence
  4. Black Eyed Susan’s (sun) Goldsturm, Gold Star, Viette’s Little Suzy
  5. Russian Sage (sun) Little Spire
  6. Ferns (shade) Lady in Red, Japanese Painted, Autumn Brilliance
  7. Coral Bells (shade) Caramel, Fire Alarm, Pinot Noir
  8. Perennial Geraniums (shade) Rozanne, Max Frei

The flip side of this coin is the soggy situation. Long Island has areas with clay pockets that keep the water on the surface too long.  Another problem may be the space between two houses and the rain gutters meet in a ditch; or the edge of a pond.  These areas may never seem to dry out.  The solution is a rain garden.  Again, taking the hint from Mother Nature, you can style a beautiful garden in an area that is meant to catch the extra rain water before it runs into the street.  Planted with water lovers like Acorus, Joe Pye Weed, Ferns, Cardinal Flower, Hardy Hibiscus and certain Iris, this garden could be a show stopper!

So remember, rain or shine – we love gardens as much as you do.

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