Perennial plants provide beautiful color in your Long Island garden that comes back year after year. Although there are literally thousands of varieties to choose from, here are three of our favorites for sun and three for shade that we feel every garden should have.

For Sunny Gardens

daylily perennialDaylily
Trumpets of color welcome hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. Many re-blooming varieties of daylily are available to provide color in the summer border over grass-like foliage.



May Night Salvia

Long blooming spires of blue, purple and white. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Mixes well with yellow and orange flowers in a sunny garden border.




Black Eyed Susan perennialRudbeckia
Golden yellow petals with brown centers – a cottage garden essential!




For Shady Gardens

Hostas along a walkway.Hosta
Provide a bold foliage display that comes in a vast array of sizes and colors. Can be used in drifts, as edging or as a focal point to brighten a shade garden.




Large feathery plumes from pure white to deep red over soft fern-like foliage. Attractive to butterflies, perfect for part sun to part shade gardens.




Coral bells

Coral Bells
Colorful leaves that glow like stained glass in dappled sunlight add real color to the shade garden.


Whether you have a sunny garden or a shady nook you’ll find the perennials you need at Hicks Nurseries. Add some gorgeous color to your garden that will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment. 




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