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Best Garden Gifts for Dad

With Father’s Day quickly approaching it’s time to get serious about a gift for Dad! Trees and shrubs make a great gift. Give dad a break and take advantage of our expert planting services. You pick it, we’ll deliver and plant it. Here are our favorite garden gifts for dad: Garden Hydrangea Hydrangea are...

Pruning Plants with a Purpose

One of the main contributing factors to maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape is pruning.  The act of pruning plants can be physically demanding, but it’s the mental preparation and planning that is key to the success of this crucial skill.  The following information is meant to help you plan and...
Hydrangea Shrub

When Do I Prune My Hydrangea?

Hydrangeas are the perfect summer flowering plant. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors, have attractive foliage and are useful in a wide range of garden sites. But the question we hear most from customers about hydrangea is “When should I prune?” Let us make it easy for you: Big Leaf...

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Now is the perfect time to start seeds indoors on Long Island. Imagine the fun you’ll have and the money you could save by growing your own. Get the whole family involved and enjoy home-grown flowers, vegetables and herbs from Spring until Fall! Hicks Nurseries carries thousands of varieties of seeds from...

Screening Plants for Your Long Island Backyard

Enjoying time with my family and in the privacy of my own backyard is something I cherish. If you’re like us, we spend the summer out back sitting on the deck chatting, afternoons swimming in the pool, mornings gardening and lots of time bbq-ing with friends. Long Island provides the perfect weather for...

Using Tropical Plants in Your Garden

Some would say tropical plants have no place in a Long Island garden. The leaves are too big, the colors too shocking and the plants look out of place. I would argue that is the whole point! When used correctly, these bold exotic plants can transport us to other places and create interest in the garden....

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Date: October 6, 2019 (Sunday)
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