If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few weeks dodging raindrops and cold weather trying to get all the planting done. It’s been tough and I still have a good amount of plants to get in the ground. Thankfully there is still plenty of time! Don’t let the wacky weather fool you – you can still plant now! Man in the yard planting a Tree

Trees and shrubs like hydrangea and rhododendron can be planted any time from early Spring through late Fall. There is a huge misconception that once the weather gets hot you should not plant trees, but the truth is, as long as you water regularly your plants will thrive.

Annuals such as sunpatiens®, begonias and marigolds can typically be planted any time after Mother’s Day. Now is a great time to get the garden looking its best for your summer BBQ’s and afternoons by the pool with friends by adding colorful annuals throughout your garden.

Vegetables and herbs can also still be planted. Right now I have my oregano growing and a few tomato and eggplants but I still need to get the basil planted along with my peppers and cucumbers. There is still time to plant!

Perennials are just like trees and shrubs and can be planted any time the ground is not frozen. I’ve found the best way to have a colorful perennial garden is to stop at Hicks every week or two (or sooner!) and buy what is in bloom while I am here. This way, I am sure I am choosing plants that bloom throughout the summer.

Let the experts here at Hicks Nurseries help you to choose the plants that will fill your Long Island garden with instant color for summer entertaining. We have a huge selection of fresh, quality plants in-stock right now.

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