Black Vine Weevil is a pest that damages many plants including yews, rhododendron, azaleas and euonymous. The larvae (grubs) feed on the roots of plants. This damage can cause the plant to decline in health and may ultimately lead to its death. The adult black vine weevils feed at night on the edge of leaves and needles. The damage is unsightly, but is not nearly as harmful as the grubs feeding on the roots.

Now is the time to control black vine weevil grubs and prevent the next generation of adults with an application of Beneficial Nematodes Grub Control. Beneficial Nematodes naturally occur in the soil and feed on soil dwelling insects like the black vine weevil larvae. Simply mix the nematodes with water and apply to the soil near the plants. One application is all you need.

If you choose, you can spray a chemical pesticide instead on the leaves and soil at three week intervals for the rest of the growing season.