I’m going to tell you a secret . . . rainy days make me really happy! While others may take the time to nap or stay inside watching tv, I use a rainy day as an opportunity to enjoy my garden and all it has to offer. From the beautiful sound of the rain itself to the peace and quiet it brings; rainy days are not only good for the garden . . . they are good for your soul.

Here are 6 things you can do to keep your gardening flourishing on a rainy day:

  1. Weeding: As the rain permeates the ground it loosens up the soil – making it really easy to pull weeds in your garden and lawn.
  2. Pruning: Put on your rain coat and get out there and prune! Spring flowers that have finished blooming, broken and dead branches – they can all be pruned now.
  3. Clean and Sharpen Your Tools: If you did not do it in the fall, a rainy day is a great day to clean and sharpen your garden tools.
  4. Photography: Have you ever noticed that plants look more vibrant when it rains? Today is a great day for picture taking!
  5. Shop! Come on over to Hicks and shop for plants! We have many areas that are under cover for you to shop for everything you need from annuals and perennials to vegetables and herbs.
  6. Family Time: It’s easy to stay in on a rainy day, but it’s more fun to explore the outdoors. Take your family out for a walk. Enjoy it! Jump in the puddles, look at the plants and enjoy time together as a family.

Rainy days are full of opportunity for you to enjoy your garden. Get out there and enjoy it!

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