Spring flowering bulbs are often called fall bulbs. You plant them in the fall and enjoy their flowers in the spring. The two most popular types are tulips and daffodils. Hicks Nurseries carries more than 300 varieties and combination packs for you to choose from. In addition to a very large selection of tulips and daffodils we also carry a large selection of crocus, hyacinths, allium, iris, muscari and many other hard to find accent bulbs.

Bulbs are actually a relatively easy to plant and grow. You can dig a hole and just drop them in and they will grow. But, as with a well prepared meal, a little more effort will yield better results. When I plant bulbs I basically create a lasagna. I dig a hole or trench about 10-12 inches deep. I add soil conditioner and organic bulb food to the soil I removed. After returning enough soil to make the depth 6 inches I place the tulips and/or daffodils and hyacinth I want to plant at that level. After covering these bulbs with about 3 inches of soil I now add the minor bulbs. The selection can include any combination of crocus, muscari, galanthus or any other bulbs I choose. More soil now completes the planting. All that’s left is to apply a layer of mulch and water well. Do not allow the newly planted area to dry out before the ground freezes.

Next spring you will have an ever changing display of flowers lasting weeks or even months depending on the selection of bulbs you choose. Even better is you will have flowers returning for many years to come with no more effort than a feeding after bloom and some pruning of dying leaves later in the season.

So stop in to Hicks Nurseries and shop our large selection of Spring Flowering Bulbs. Our experts are here to help you choose your favorite varieties and colors to make your spring garden a showstopper!

Pink Tulips and Purple Muscari Spring Flowering Bulbs

Purple Muscari and Pink Tulips.

Daffodil Spring Blooming Bulbs


Allium Spring Flowering Bulb


Anemone Spring Flowering Bulb


Snowdrop Flowering Bulbs

Snowdrop Bulbs

Hyacinth Bulbs