Do you remember the last time we had a good heavy rain on Long Island? Me neither. Just like you and I need a certain amount of fluids each day to live a healthy life, so do your plants. As we continue to experience drought like conditions this week keep the following tips in mind. Although needs vary from plant to plant these basic tips will keep them flourishing.
How Much?
It’s best to water infrequently and deeply. This encourages a deeper root system, which is healthier for plants. Watering too often encourages swallow roots that struggle during stressful periods of drought or harsh winters.
Watering Guidelines:
Lawns, Vegetable & Flower Gardens: 1-1½ inches per week
Trees & Shrubs: 1-1½ inches every 14 days
Whenever possible, early morning watering is best. This encourages the foliage to dry before evening which helps to avoid disease. Be sure to check with your local water authority for watering rules.
Watering Tools
Hicks carries a number of sprinklers, soaker hoses, drip irrigation systems and watering cans to help you water in an efficient manner.
What about Mulch?
We love mulch! Mulch helps to conserve moisture, reduces weeds and looks pretty nice too! Apply 2-3” of organic mulch evenly to your beds. Mulch is available in a number of colors and styles.
How to Measure Water
It’s really easy. Set out some swallow dishes (tuna cans work well). Run the sprinklers for one hour; measure the amount of water in the can. If you collected a half-inch of water, it will take 2-3 hours to apply the needed amount.
For more information about how to water, take a look at our handout, “Watering the Right Way” here