We have several varieties available this season and one new cultivar I am really excited about.  But first let me explain a little about these delectable fruits.

The most popular varieties originate from Asia. They are all self-pollinating, so only 1 plant is required for fruiting- and they all require full sun for best fruit production.  While most fruit is harvested in summer – these beauties become fully ripe in fall, usually as the leaves start changing color and falling, exposing the jewel like fruit still clinging to the branch.

The Asian varieties are divided into 2 groups – astringent and non-astringent.  Astringent types include Hachiya and Saijo – both orange in color, acorn shaped and sweet when fully ripe.

Non – astringent varieties are Fuyo Imoto and Jiro which are large round and flattened in shape.   These all grow up to 25 feet tall.

Native cultivars include Nikita’s Gift ( a native cross with Asian) and Magic Fountain.  Both are smaller trees just  10-15 feet in height with an abundance of smaller fruit. While only about 2 inches across they are just as tasty when fully ripe. Magic Fountain is a new selection with a weeping form that is an excellent landscape tree as well.

Our persimmon trees have become so popular they outsell even apples!  Come and pick one to plant in your yard.