August is the time to prevent problems in the lawn and garden. It’s the month where problems can explode unless you do some preventive maintenance. Here are some things to consider every August:

We have had very little rain to help naturally water your garden and lawn. Your regular watering program is not good enough under these conditions. Soaker hoses can help by slowly watering large areas without loss of water to evaporation.  You can also override your lawn sprinkler to have it go through two or three cycles just to get the soil moist again.
Grubs are back in your soil and will be feasting on roots while they grow.  Now is the best time to eliminate them before they grow larger and destroy your lawn.  Grub Control nematodes used now will stop these grubs from hurting your lawn this fall and next spring. This all organic method is as good as and sometimes better than chemical control. It’s safe for you, your kids, pets and the environment.
Fungus may be affecting your lawn in August. If you don’t water enough you lose your lawn to dehydration, if you water enough to keep the soil moist you may be spreading a fungus. What’s a gardener to do?  You should apply a fungicide now to help prevent many lawn diseases for about a month.  By then we should be into better weather for the lawn.
Crabgrass will also seem to explode this month.  You need to eliminate it now before it gets large enough to kill parts of your lawn. It’s also important before it goes to seed and gives you a much larger problem next year.  Now is the time to use a crabgrass killer spray before the problem gets much worse.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Take care of any lawn and garden issues now for a better fall, winter and spring. Our lawn and garden care experts are always here to help – stop by the store with a sample of your lawn or garden problem, give us a call (516-334-0066), or leave a comment below.