According to Tony Langlois of Jonathan Green, anyone can have the best lawn in town – provided you use the right seed. Tony’s favorite seed is Black Beauty. Here’s why:


Black Beauty Grass Seed Mixture

  • Contains three exceptionally dark-green black beauty fescues.
  • Grows well in sunny and shady areas and in many different soil types.
  • Provides a more vigorous and drought/heat tolerant lawn.
  • Grass roots grow very deep.
  • Planted by lead sod growers in the USA.
  • Contains endophytes for improved insect resistance.

 In addition to a good grass seed, apply a good lawn fertilizer like Jonathan Green’s Organic Lawn Fertilizer. It’s great for establishing a newly seeded lawn and is safe to use around children and pets.

 Another helpful product to use is named “MAG-I-CAL”. It increases the ability of plants to utilize nutrients by helping you to reach a desirable pH level, so be sure to first have your soil pH tested before applying. (Hicks will test your soil pH for free)

 If you have heavy, compacted soil, try using “Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil”. This product helps to loosen heavy, compacted soils and release “tied-up” nutrients in the soil. It contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron and molasses – which helps to make the soil more alive and porous.

 Watering Tips

A total of one-inch of water per week, including rainfall, is desirable. Watering deeply two or three times a week in the morning is most beneficial to your lawn, encouraging deep root growth. Avoid frequent watering for short periods of time and avoid watering at night, which promotes lawn disease outbreaks.

 For more information on how to have the best lawn in town stop in and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates in person or call 516-334-0066.